Location: Maracaibo is located in the, North Coast of Venezuela, Lat 10 Degree 39' North ; Long 71 Degree 35' West

The pilot station is on Guaranao bay coordinates as follow

A N- 11.40.0 / W- 70.15.5

B N- 11.41.5 / W- 70.15.5

C N- 11.41.5 / W- 70.16.5

D N- 11.41.0 / W- 70.16.5

Current Draft:

36.00’’ feet inch F.W. in the navigation channel.

Pilot Assistance:

Pilotage is compulsory for entering / leaving from Maracaibo Channel , as well as shifting between berths. Pilot boards off Guaranao , using gangway / Pilot ladder arrangement.

24 hours service maintained.Pilots can be contacted on VHF channels 16 calling Guaranao BTS.

Tug Assistance:

It is compulsory for all vessels . Pilots request a second tug for vessels more than 131 mts LOA depending of the weather and vsl?s conditions.There are two companies with different types of tugs available.Tugs costs are on the ship's account.

Services Available:

Bunkers / Fresh Water (can easily be obtained by Barge / by trucks alongside), Provisions, Workshop Repairs, Security Services (Watchmen ).



General Information:

- Located into the Maracaibo Harbour.

- Availability of eight (8) docks and two ( 2 ) mooring points for Roll-on Roll-off ships


LAT. 10°39´N y LONG. 71°35´5´´ w

This is a port located to the west of the canal, at about 55 kms. (1 1/2 HRS.) to the south of ISLA DE ZAPARA.

The port has a set of 24 cylindric silos and 16 intersilos with a total capacity of about 30.000 tons. It handles general cargo and bulk with a to of 1.321.000 tons/year. It has a warehouse and yards conditioned to recieve general cargo; approximate area: 14,700 square meters. It handles general cargo for a total of 21,000 tons/year.

The canal of the sandbank of Maracaibo was dredged in 1956 and it actually has a depth of 36´00´´ (FEET). with reference to the equinoctial tide (LSW) and it is maintained by periodic dredging. In order to take advantage of its maximum draught, ships that exit through the sandbank, must cross it two hours before or after the high tide.

The PUERTO MARACAIBO It is a natural port located on the north-occidental part of the LAKE OF MARACAIBO, between the POINTS COTORRERA and SANTA LUCIA. The port areas found between the parallels: 10°39´N. Latitude and 10°37´30´´N. Latitude and the area of maneuverability has a depth of approximately 9.9 mts. (32´06´´ ft.). The entrance to the canal is accomplished by leaving the principal canal upon reaching buoy B-76 to the north or south of the same. On the oriental part of the port zones have been designated for tankers that have to anchor as well as for ships loaded with explosives or inflamable materials.

- 5 warehouses

- Roofed Area: facilities for a variety of cargo, such as vehicles or large boxes that require protection from outdoors. It hasa roof and several columns

- General cargo Area: Uncovered area for cargo that can be located outdoors, such as machinery, large boxes, pipes, profiles.

- Container Yard

- Working time: 24 hours shinc all year round.