LAT. 11° 37' N - LONG. 70°14' W - Max. Unberthing Draft: 14.0m

The Port of Punta Cardon is located at the Gulf of Venezuela, on the South West Coast of the Paraguaná Peninsula.

U. S. Naval Oceanographic Charts N° 24470 and 24471 show the location of Punta Cardón, which shore side. There is little rainfall at Punta Cardón, it average some 12 inches annually. The trade wind normally blows from the ENE, force 4 (maximum force 8) Beaufort scale. There is humidity of 55 %. Sea temperature 79° (26.1°C). Density of water 1.025. Medium barometric pressure 1.016 Mb. During the

During the Caribbean hurricane season is from August to November most rainfall during this period and although Cardón lies far south of the hurricane tracks, calm days or even westerly winds may be expected. Occasionally ships can not be berthed for a couple of days due to high swell.


(Restricted Fishing Area)

Master when approaching the cost should keep a particularly sharp lookout for fishing nets and small craft.

Mechanically propelled vessels drawing more than 5 feet are prohibited from navigating in the restricted fishing area that extends off the Paraguaná Península from Punta Macolla Latitude 12°05’32" North, Longitude 70°02’55" West to Punta Estanques (Los Taques), Latitude 11°08’45" North, Longitude 70°06’45" and a line connecting the position indicated below:

A) Latitude 12° 07’ 40" North - Longitude 70° 14’ 25" West

B) Latitude 12° 03’ 15" North - Longitude 70° 19’ 23" West

C) Latitude 11° 49’ 25" North - Longitude 70° 21’ 50" West


The anchorage at Cardón roads within a radius of 2 miles from end of jetties has depths varying from 54 to 100 feet (L.W.S.) and a bottom consisting of mud with some patches of small stones, sand and shells.

There are no know obstructions from West to North West of the Piers and there is ample water for a clear approach when coming from West an North West, but the anchorage is limited on the South by sand pit projecting a 01 mile South West off Punta Cardón Cape.


The normal range of the tide is about 11 inches. However, an 18 inches range has been observed during spring tides. The tidal current (Lunar Tide) at this port is negligible. During the flood tide current runs SSW speed of 0.7 knots and when the tide is ebbing it runs NNE at a speed of 0.35 knots.


.- Vessel’s Maximum permissible at the Pet Coque : Loa 256 Mtrs, Laden draft 13,60 Mtrs, Beam 36 Mtrs. Ballast Freeboard 13,8 Mtrs.-

.- At Berth/Jetty N° 4 an Maximum of 15 Mtrs. Freeboard is to be maintain in order to avoid damage to the installation.-

.- All vessel’s to arrive with 25 % (PCT) of SDWT in Ballast. Availability of ballast equipment (Hoses Loading Arms) in all Berth’s (Max. Capacity for receiving is of 1.000 Mtns p/hr.)

.- If stem bunkers is of same kind of taking cargo then stemmed will take place after loading operations is completed. Demurrage is for vessel/owners account.-

.- If Vessel manifold connections for bunkering are different sizes of shore’s then those has to be changed to shore sizes. Time lost to be for vessel/owners account.-


.- Terminal fee include : 02 Tugs, Berth fee, Mooring & Un Mooring, As per Venezuelan Navigation Laws additional Tug is upon Pilot Discretion & Weather condition